CSS Dish On ‘Planta’, Dave Sitek, Stealing Beats From Rappers & Dating In America: Idolator Interview

Robbie Daw | July 17, 2013 8:49 am

It’s not every day you get to pal around with irreverent Brazilian electro-rockers CSS, but last week we found ourselves in close quarters with the dynamic quartet! Lovefoxxx, Luiza Sa, Ana Rezende and Carolina Parra strolled into the Idolator studio and proceeded to crack myself and the entire crew up with their tales of, er, lamb chops, misadventures in dating (“People in America — they never assume that they’re going on a date. They say, hey, do you want to hang out?” laments Lovefoxxx) and beginning a new era with producer Dave Sitek.

Naturally, we also spoke about CSS’ fantastic, summery new album Planta (purchase here), which the ladies recorded while crashing at Sitek’s house for a couple months in the sunny locale of Los Angeles. The record is packed with dreamy synth-pop jams like “Into The Sun,” a track we premiered here in late May, lead single “Hangover” and the quirky “Frankie Goes To North Hollywood.”

Lovefoxxx also divulged that Sitek was working on a beat for a big rapper — yes, we tried to pry exactly who it was our of her, to no avail — but he decided to give it to CSS instead, for the curiously-titled “Frankie Goes To North Hollywood.”

“He was very excited about this beat,” Lovefoxxx says. “And he was like, ‘I think this beat’s so good, that I should give it to you and not this rapper’ — this really big rapper that I’m not gonna say who it is.”

Oh, Lovefoxxx — you wicked tease. Watch our full chat with CSS above, then let us know what you think of the girls’ new album Planta below!

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