Kings Of Leon Return With “Supersoaker”: Listen

Carl Williott | July 17, 2013 1:16 pm

Kings of Leon are one of the most recent, biggest examples of a rock band with a clear line of demarcation between their “authentic” era and their “sellout” era. Generally, fans of the first three KOL albums hate everything after, and fans of the last two LPs wonder what the hell all that racket was on the prior releases. The band’s new song “Supersoaker” — the first single off their forthcoming sixth album Mechanical Bull — strikes a nice balance between the two eras.

KOL’s raucous, long-haired early days are channeled via the garage rock tempo and the gravelly, raw strain in Caleb Followill‘s voice (back for the first time since Because Of The Times, really). Meanwhile, the polished atmospherics and harmonized hook play into their radio-friendly strengths. Upon first listen, we think maybe, just maybe, both types of KOL fans will be satisfied. Listen to “Supersoaker” below.

Kings Of Leon — “Supersoaker”

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