Marina & The Diamonds’ “Lies” Video: Watch The Moody Clip

Sam Lansky | July 17, 2013 2:05 pm

While there’s no word yet on what, exactly, Marina & The Diamonds is cooking up with her new “Eleven Diamonds” project, there’s a new component to her Electra Heart campaign: One of the album’s best songs (maybe the best song on the album), the Dr. Luke and Diplo-produced “Lies,” has received the video treatment. (She’s made a few videos for this album, hasn’t she? That Marina.)

The clip is simple, and the better for it: Portrait-style black-and-white footage of Marina in minimal makeup gives way to a spectacular view as she sits high in a tower overlooking a spectacular view. The final sequence, featuring the singer-songwriter in an evening gown stepping out into the snow, is most stunning of all, but it’s all lovely and artistic and appropriately styled. 

If only it were enough to knock some steam into the promotional campaign such that “Lies” could get a little radio play, but alas — it doesn’t seem that it was in the cards this album era. At least there’s a beautiful video to remember it by.

Watch up top.