Britney Spears To Take Residency At Revamped Planet Hollywood In Las Vegas: Report

Sam Lansky | July 18, 2013 6:27 am

It’s been about ten thousand years since it was first rumored that Britney Spears would be taking on a big Las Vegas residency — and, incredibly, there still has yet to be a formal announcement from anyone official about where and when it’s actually happening — but as reports have continued to circulate, plans have begun to firm up.

Now, the Las Vegas Sun reports that Spears will be taking the stage at Planet Hollywood’s PH Live Theater, but it isn’t quite Godney-ready just yet — so the theater will be demolished and reconstructed, transformed into a 4,500-seat venue from its current 7,400-seat format. The cost of readying the space for Britney? $20 million. 

In fairness, it’s probably well worth the price; she’s one of the few entertainers who could easily fill up that space, night after night. But if that’s what they’re shelling out just for a refit for the space, it just makes me wonder how much they’re paying to have her in Vegas in the first place.

[via the Las Vegas Sun]