Cassadee Pope Doesn’t Cry At All In “Wasting All These Tears” Video: Watch

Sam Lansky | July 18, 2013 7:19 am

Well! There’s not much to say about this Cassadee Pope video for “Wasting All These Tears,” is there? The song is one of my favorite debut singles from a competition winner I can remember hearing — like, ever! It’s a melodramatic pop-country masterpiece. It’s nothing short of spectacular.

But oh man, this video doesn’t do much for me. Nope, sure doesn’t. Not one bit. It’s basically glamour shots of Cassadee looking pretty (but the styling feels more “pretty girl you see waiting in line at Wetzel’s Pretzel’s at the mall” than “pop superstar,” you know?) and doing things like staring at photo albums and gazing out windows and, eventually, discovering her boyfriend cheating with some blonde hussy, which — due to some slightly odd pacing — feels spectacularly anticlimactic. Eventually, she performs with her band in a warehouse thing; that’s intercut with footage of her getting rained on (or maybe cried on?) while sitting in a swing. And that’s it. 

In short: The video is criminally basic.

Cassadee! It’s not too late to turn this around. There’s no reason why anything you produce has to be this senselessly dull or cliche-reliant. So maybe kick some originality and verve into the next one and I’ll just forget this ever happened. Cool? Cool.

Watch up top.