Beyonce’s “Grown Woman” Gets A Cute Dance Remix: Listen

Mike Wass | July 18, 2013 6:31 pm

In these trying times of beyhydration, you have to quench your thirst for new Beyonce wherever possible — be it with a snippet, collaboration or remix. Given the lofty pop culture status of “Grown Woman” and its notoriety in the Hive, I’m surprised more DJs haven’t had a go at remixing Bey’s chant-filled female empowerment anthem. Perhaps they were overwhelmed by the song’s sprawling nature. Not so Israeli DJ Shahaf Moran, who has built a firm online following tackling songs by Ke$ha, Lana Del Rey and P!nk.

Interestingly for a remix, this is actually shorter than the original version. So I guess it’s probably better described as a pop remix. (Remember when artists used to release them?) Shahaf tames Third Ward Trill‘s wild and wooly club-banger, transforming it into an easily-consumed dance track. He pulls off the change in tempo quite nicely and still manages to keep some of the Afrobeat elements that made “Grown Woman” so much fun. It’s not an official mix but worth checking out after the jump.

Do you like the remix or will you be sticking with the original? Share your thoughts in the comments below.