Selena Gomez Gets Sensual On “Lover In Me”: Listen To The ‘Stars Dance’ Bonus Track

Mike Wass | July 18, 2013 7:21 pm

Selena Gomez will officially unleash Stars Dance upon the world next Tuesday (July 23) but, in typical 2013 fashion, the album has already leaked. Today, the Target bonus tracks also surfaced online and they are very, very good. (Guess where I’ll be buying my copy?) It’s hard to choose a favorite but “Lover In Me” — sadly not a Sheena Easton cover — stands out with its soaring chorus and the most liberal use of autotune since Cher‘s “Believe”.

The handiwork of Australian production house Dreamlab (ie. Leah Haywood and Daniel James), Selena’s saucy anthem begins subtly enough with a strumming guitar before exploding into a dizzying dance anthem. Selena sexily coos “the lover in me is the lover in you and you can’t stop my heart!” among other questionable-yet-completely-amazing lyrics. It gets stuck in your head after the first listen and refuses to leave — always the sign of a great pop song. If you need another reason to buy Stars Dance, check out the princess of pop’s perky bonus track after the jump.

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