Touched By The Hand Of Beysus: Watch One Fan’s Frenzied Reaction

Mike Wass | July 19, 2013 1:13 pm

Beyonce‘s holy hands are the eighth wonder of the world. Her divine grip can melt your heart, fix your hair and cure most minor ailments. I should know. Since being touched by the hand of Beysus at Staples Center on June 28, I feel reborn and revitalized. But sometimes that creole magic is too powerful to handle!

Grasping the paw of Mrs. Carter threw one man into an absolute frenzy. He convulsed with joy as Third Ward Trill‘s sacred energy ran through him like a high volt of electricity before collapsing on the ground. That much contact with an angel will do that to you. Watch a miracle in action above.

How would you react if Beyonce held your hand for that long? Let us know in the comments.