Eli Lieb Does It For The Boys In “Young Love”: Watch The Inspiring Video

Mike Wass | July 19, 2013 3:58 pm

With gay marriage a hot button issue and (heterosexual) acts singing about equality on songs like “Same Love”, the winds of change would seem to be upon us. But where are the out pop stars? With the exception of Adam Lambert and perhaps Ricky Martin, your chances of hearing an actual gay man on the radio are slim to none. Eli Lieb is hoping to change all that. The Iowa-native has a huge online following thanks to his superb YouTube covers and is now making big waves with his own music.

“Young Love” is an instantly catchy, uplifting pop/rock anthem that sounds like a cross between Katy Perry and Bruce Springsteen. The fact that it avoids cliches and sexual politics is part of its wide appeal. Eli focuses on love instead, which makes the song more universal and less condescending than the aforementioned Ryan Lewis & Macklemore hit. The nostalgic video is similarly subtle with the singer only exchanging glances with his man until things get a bit wild at a pool party towards the end. Watch above.

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