Kavinsky’s “Odd Look”: Hear His New Remix Featuring The Weeknd

Christina Lee | July 21, 2013 10:59 am

French electro DJ Kavinsky enlisted R&B sadist The Weeknd for a new remix of “Odd Look.” While the original track (off Kavinsky’s 2013 album Outrun) already sounded like an apocalyptic trek through an ’90s cop video game, The Weeknd spins the song into a sinister proposal for a threesome: “Your hesitation speaks to me louder than a million words per minute.”

So while Kavinsky and The Weeknd stick to their respective fortes, they also help bring out each other’s strengths. In the original “Odd Look,” Kavinsky — best known for his Drive OST contributions — only seems to take a darker turn at the breakdown, when he cues choral chanting. In the remix, The Weeknd’s falsetto pleading contrasts starkly against the grimy synths that run throughout.

He’s singing to a new-to-him beat, yet the end result should feel familiar to Trilogy fans, if not everything he’s ever done. Hear their “Odd Look” remix after the jump.

Kavinsky, “Odd Look” Remix (ft. The Weeknd)