The Wanted Announce New Album ‘Word Of Mouth,’ Due In September

Sam Lansky | July 22, 2013 7:54 am

Although their terrible-amazing single “Walks Like Rihanna” failed to make much of a stateside impact (even with Dr. Luke at the helm!), boy band The Wanted are now turning their attention to their new album Word Of Mouth, which is due out September 16 in the UK. (I dunno about globally — it’ll probably depend on how the next single does.)

Member Tom Parker said, in a not-particularly-memorable statement: “It’s taken us two years to make this album and now that it’s finally finished we are all really proud of the time and effort, not just that we put in to it but all the writers and the label too. We think it’s our strongest album to date. We can’t wait for our fans to hear it. They’ve been really patient but hopefully they’ll think it’s worth the wait!”

And on the subject of that next single: After teasing a snippet of the track, titled “We Own The Night” (there really haven’t been enough songs with variations on that title, in fairness), they’ve now announced that the song will be premiering in the UK on August 6.

As for whether it’ll fly here? If the almighty heft of Ryan Seacrest pushing The Wanted Life couldn’t lend them stateside ubiquity, it looks likely that One Direction will continue owning the charts.

[via Popjustice]