Cher Thanks Kanye West For Taking On “Parasite” Paparazzi

Carl Williott | July 22, 2013 8:57 am

Kanye West grappled with a notorious member of the paparazzi last week, and now the rapper is getting support from an unlikely source: Cher. The unpredictable diva took to Twitter to stand up for Kanye, and really laid into the paps in her note. “THANK U,4 TRASHING THOSE LOATHSOME PARASITES,” she wrote, before giving a brief story about her own troubling run-in with a photographer.

Check out her tweets after the jump.

Amen, sister! I was reluctant to come down in favor of Kanye in this particular instance because of the reported violence (but I wholeheartedly approve of his overall contempt for the bloodsucking scourge). But after viewing the video of the incident, I have no moral qualms with throwing my support behind Yeezy here. Kanye did not swing at or get violent with the guy, and merely went for his camera. It seems virtually impossible that anyone could’ve gotten hurt during the confrontation. In fact, cops aren’t even seeking assault charges, they’re going for attempted robbery. Oh, and the photog WAS LAUGHING during the whole thing — look at that photo, it looks like a tickle party! — and then magically “required medical attention” afterwards. Everything is embarrassing.

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