The Weeknd Unveils ‘Kiss Land’ Release Date & Cover Artwork

Carl Williott | July 22, 2013 9:28 am

The Weeknd‘s first proper album has an official release date. Kiss Land will drop September 10, according to a tweet from Abel Tesfaye himself. The brooding R&B singer also revealed the above cover art, which is sort of odd, no? Firstly, it only vaguely continues the Tokyo nightscape aesthetic he’d employed with most of the Kiss Land releases over the past couple months. Secondly, he’s kind of smiling? And that doesn’t really fit with the fact that he’s been talking about how fear and horror movies inspired this album. Although, upon second look maybe he isn’t smiling? Maybe that’s the point, he’s going for that whole Mona Lisa thing.

Head below to see The Weeknd’s tweets with the announcement.

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