Watch Florence Welch Cover “Get Lucky,” Then Rip A Tequila Shot, Shriek & Crowd Surf

Carl Williott | July 22, 2013 11:40 am

Florence Welch kicked off her weekend right. On Friday (July 19), the Florence + The Machine singer belted out a couple off-the-cuff covers at some sort of tiki-themed summer party in London. Apparently she joined the hosting band for soundcheck, and they subsequently did a quick and dirty rendition of Daft Punk‘s “Get Lucky,” and Welch had what appeared to be a tequila shot in hand for most of it.

Flo downs the shot and then the band transitions to Gossip‘s “Standing In The Way Of Control,” which the singer started and finished with a shriek. All in all, the theatrical chanteuse showed off some pretty rad rock moves. Watch up top.

[via Huffington Post]