Katy Perry’s First Single From ‘Prism’ Has A Title & Here’s What It Is

Sam Lansky | July 30, 2013 1:33 pm

So I’m hearing word from some well-placed sources within the industry that Katy Perry‘s next single has been chosen. The chanteuse has been hard at work in the studio recording Prism, the follow-up to her very amazing, bajillion-times-platinum sophomore LP Teenage Dream; the new album is due in stores October 22.

As for the first single, there’s been very little to report thus far, although rumor has it that it was penned — like “I Kissed A Girl,” “Hot N Cold,” “California Gurls,” “Teenage Dream” and most of her other top-notch tunes — by Katy herself, in collaboration with the powerhouse team of Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Bonnie McKee (who told me a few weeks ago that she had worked on the first single from Prism).

And it’s called?


(Or possibly “Rawr,” but let’s hope it’s “Roar,” because that has a nice ring of mechanically correct authority to it, doesn’t it?)

The best thing about this? Katy Perry’s first two fragrances were called “Purr” and “Meow!” so her affinity for the feline onomatopoeic is well-established; calling a single “Roar” fits in perfectly with both of those trends. Since Bonnie McKee also said that this was a more “grown-up” Katy, a song that quite literally transitions her from a cat into a lioness is nothing short of genius.

Also, in her July Vogue profile, where she was cagey on details regarding her new album, the first paragraph uses a very specific verb to describe how Perry arrives into the parking lot. Guess what it is?

So, when Katy Perry roars in like a Bond girl in her low, growly, bright-red Maserati GranCabrio Fendi and hurls it into a parking space, it’s like the beginning of a movie.

Well played, Team Katy.

Additionally, two weeks ago, Dr. Luke tweeted about it:

Get ready to hear her roar.