Selena Gomez’s 5 Best Music Videos, From “Naturally” To “Come & Get It”

John Hamilton | July 23, 2013 5:45 am

As if this year hasn’t been hot enough for the Disney girls of yore — and that includes Demi’s chart dominance, Miley’s twerking and Vanessa Hudgens’ werking a bikini and flip-flops in Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers — it’s about to heat up again with the release of Selena Gomez’s new album, Stars Dance.

Selena, a veteran of such Disney Channel fare as Wizards Of Waverly Place and Suite Life Of Zack And Cody, long ago proved she could deliver the goods away from the House of Mouse, scoring hits with her band The Scene and making her own impression with critics alongside Hudgens in the controversial Spring Breakers. Now the newly-minted showgirl (check that album cover) and erstwhile Beiber consort (she made him cry) is 21 and Scene-less, riding the wave of another big radio hit and to releasing her first truly “solo” album. In commemoration of this new phase in her career, we’re taking a look back at her top five greatest video moments!

Yes, a Selena Gomez retrospective: because when you’re 21 in Hollywood, it’s already time to start thinking about those Lifetime Achievement Awards. All kidding aside, if these five clips don’t cement Selena as one of pop music’s most exciting starlets, we give up on pop music. (Until Cher’s new album, at least.) “Naturally” Simple, clean lines, kinetic dance beats and hint of Old Hollywood Glamour (trademark Project Runway) helped give Selena’s first major pop hit a memorable visual counterpart. Even if the styling does at times make her look 17-going-on-30, this video is what put us on the path to ultimate Selena stan-dom.

“Year Without Rain” It’s a desert drama when Selena, serving up “young Valerie Bertinelli realness” in a sheer brown frock, stops the car in the middle of nowhere to retrieve a flyaway photograph. Her long-lost love appears as a sexy mirage and the two are caught up in a monsoon of Polaroids and, one guesses, hormones. The Scene conveniently disappear from the rest of the clip; we assume they drowned in the resulting flood. (RIP the Scene.)

“Who Says” Picture a world in which Selena Gomez lyrics are on every building, billboard and passing train. Nay, in every heart! The video for “Who Says” — the most uplifting don’t-give-up-hope-kids anthem since Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R” — depicts just such a world. Also in this magical land, Selena has license to lie about not being beautiful while she takes off her make-up in a public restroom. It’s her world and we really want to live in it!

“Come and Get It” Thunder cracks, an eagle shrieks and all-natural phenomena announce the arrival of Queen Selena’s sexy new phase: kind of a faux-Native American “Promise Of A New Day” infused with Victorian “Thriller” zombie tribal dancers. (We imagine they ate the Scene’s brains, hence Selena’s suddenly solo billing.) Instant classic.

“Love You Like A Love Song” In the future, when Vegas is overrun with Selena Gomez drag queen tributes, this is the video to which they’ll look for inspiration. With widescreen hair and a gigantic ’80s microphone, Godmez takes the stage at a karaoke bar and wows an audience of detached Patrick Bateman types. We love the way her stage performance is intercut with its own cheesy lyric video featuring an array of campy, retro-inspired looks. Our favorite? The Max Headroom homage, obviously!

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