Beyonce’s Hair Gets Stuck In Fan, Inspires “Halo” Re-Write

Mike Wass | July 23, 2013 2:05 am

Beyonce‘s titanium wig was finally snatched — in front of 20,000+ screaming fans in Montreal, Canada last night (July 22). One of the highlights of The Mrs. Carter Show is when Bey sits on the edge of the stage and sings “Halo” to the front row but things took an unexpected turn when the diva’s weave got caught in a wind machine. Ever the professional, Queen B continued to belt out the iconic ballad while security guards and concerned fans desperately tried to free her.

It’s truly phenomenal that Beyonce didn’t miss a single note during her ordeal. It’s not easy to sing in tune while being publicly scalped! Third Ward Trill eventually escaped and saw the funny side of the situation. She later jumped on Instagram to share amazing new “Halo” lyrics that include zingers like: “gravity can’t begin to pull me out of the fan again.” See her post after the jump.

How do you think Bey handled her public wig-snatching? Tell us in the comments below.