Icona Pop Unveil New Single “All Night,” Announce Debut Album ‘This Is… Icona Pop’

Sam Lansky | July 23, 2013 6:07 am

Amazing Swedish pop duo Icona Pop are still riding the wave of their global smash “I Love It,” but they’ve gotta release a new single sooner or later — and in all likelihood it’s looking to be “All Night,” a song the girls just unveiled this morning. (It’s worth noting that they chose not to go with “Just Another Night,” which was teased a few weeks ago, although the same image was used for the cover artwork — maybe there was a last-minute switch-up?)

And it’s good — quite good, a solid late-summer midtempo banger that you kind of want to play over and over again and certainly way more interesting than the overly by-the-numbers “Girlfriend.” There’s a shouty opening that evokes “I Love It” (“We got the keys to open paradise, yeah paradise!”) and a catchy hook and the same verve that “I Love It” has with a lot more soul and sentiment than “Girlfriend.”

In short: That’ll do, Icona Pop. That’ll do.

(That said, I’ve heard “Just Another Night” and I think it’s way, way better — maybe even better than “I Love It,” albeit in a totally different way —  and the label should have gone with “Just Another Night” instead, but it’s a little risky, and “All Night” makes sense as a single, and that’s what happens sometimes, and ultimately, nobody asked me to pick Icona Pop’s next single. Oh well.)

What else? Well, a few things: They’ve also unveiled details of their new album, which is their debut everywhere except Sweden (where they already released a pretty-well-received record before going back into the studio with big people like Max Martin and Stargate for their follow-up) — it’s called This Is… Icona Pop and it’s out September 24, all over the place, and it’s probably going to be fantastic.

And look! There’s even a tracklist.

1. I Love It 2. All Night 3. We Got the World 4. Ready For the Weekend 5. Girlfriend 6. In the Stars 7. On a Roll 8. Just Another Night 9. Hold On 10. Light Me Up 11. Then We Kiss

“All Night” is available on iTunes starting today and that is, more or less, everything you need to know about Icona Pop right now.

Listen to “All Night” below: