Here Are The 5 Best Lyrics From Jason Derulo’s Sexy New Single “Talk Dirty”

Sam Lansky | July 23, 2013 8:33 am

Well! Did you know that Jason Derulo has a new single? Boy, does he ever. The crooner has followed up his radio pop single “The Other Side” with a new track (apparently a UK single) called “Talk Dirty.” Can you guess what it’s about?

Featuring 2 Chainz on rap duties (“It has a feature and I’ve never done that before,” Derulo told Digital Spy) and a wonky beat breakdown, it’s the type of thing that would make Jordin Sparks‘ hair curl. (Admittedly, her hair is already curly.) As the singer himself said: “It’s just a shocking song. When you hear it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. People will be thinking ‘Hmm, really?!’ It’s very out there, but it was so fun.”

Hmm, really?! Let’s take a look at the five best lyrics.

1. “Jason. Jason Derulo.” Said by a woman at the beginning of the song, rather than Jason Derulo himself, which already sets the tone that this is going to be a very different kind of Derulo experience.

2. “Cause I know what dat girl dem need / New York to Haiti.” (Delivered in a faux-Caribbean patois!)

3. “I got lipstick stamps on my passport / I make it hard to leave.” The word “hard” is delivered with just enough of a purr to know what he really means. Double entendre alert!

4. “Been around the world, don’t speak the language / But your booty don’t need explainin’.” This is unequivocally the best lyric in the song, right up there on the Sexy Xenophobic/Insularity Pop Lyric Spectrum with the current master of the form, from Jesse McCartney‘s “Body Language”: “See I don’t speak Spanish, Japanese or French / But the way that body talkin’ definitely make sense.” But the great thing about Derulo’s lyric is the implication that while Jason Derulo is rather worldly and cosmopolitan, he never bothered to learn anything beyond his mother tongue, because he didn’t need to: The most critical thing he experienced while abroad was ass. Amazing.

5. “Sold out arenas / You can suck my penis.” This one is from 2 Chainz, not Derulo, but regardless of the source, rhyming “arenas” with “penis” deserves all the awards. Very inventive.

Apparently, a video for the single has already been shot, so go ahead and cross your fingers for a sexy stewardess or two.

[via Digital Spy]