Bastille Set US Release Date For ‘Bad Blood’, Announce New Tracklist

Mike Wass | July 23, 2013 4:14 pm

After conquering charts around the globe with criminally catchy chant-fest “Pompeii”, Bastille is now focusing on the American market with a mini-tour and promo blitz. And it seems to be paying dividends as their soaring signature song nudges its way up iTunes.

“Pompeii” is epic but the British alt-pop/rockers have a lot more where that came from. Debut album Bad Blood is crammed with killer cuts and future singles like “Laura Palmer” and “Things We Lost In The Fire”. It will finally get a US release on September 3 — complete with three new songs. See the complete tracklist after the jump.

Bad Blood — US Tracklist

1. Pompeii 2. Things We Lost In The Fire 3. Bad Blood 4. Overjoyed 5. These Streets 6. Weight of Living, PT. II 7. Icarus 8. Oblivion 9. Flaws 10. Daniel in the Den 11. Laura Palmer 12. Get Home

Bonus Tracks

13. The Silence 14. Weight of Living, PT. I 15. Laughter Lines

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