The Beyonce Remix Flood Continues: Hear “Grown Woman” (Nervo Remix) & “Standing On The Sun” (Tiesto Remix)

Sam Lansky | July 25, 2013 10:11 am

I’m choosing to remain mum on recent reports swirling about the behind-the-scenes disaster of Beyonce‘s next album campaign (I’ve said enough), but hark! What’s that, off in the distance? More monster dance remixes of King Bey’s two most recent jingles? Don Draper would be so proud. 

So! Whether they’re official or not — maybe mega-DJs Nervo and Tiesto were just sitting on their hands, super bored, wishing they had some new Beyonce tunes to spin at Lavo or whatever, although they sound pretty official (although there’s no word from Beyonce, so ugh, who knows) — there’s now big mixes of both “Grown Woman” and “Standing On The Sun,” courtesy of the respective DJs — and they’re both well worth a listen.

The sisters Nervo’s take on “Grown Woman” has a pounding house beat but swiftly transitions into something a little bit more warped; Tiesto’s take on “Standing On The Sun” is pretty conventional trance, all euphoric lurches and electro swirls.

Listen to both below.

Beyonce — “Grown Woman” (Nervo Remix)

Beyonce — “Standing On The Sun” (Tiesto Remix)

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