Frank Ocean Disses Chris Brown In “Versace” Remix Lyrics: “Your Music Is Sloppy”

Carl Williott | July 25, 2013 10:36 am

Frank Ocean last night (July 24) updated his Tumblr with lyrics he penned for a remix of the blazing Migos track “Versace.” And among the boasts and social media ruminations are a couple barbs thrown Chris Brown‘s way. “You could stay seated I’m taking that Grammy / Your music is sloppy,” Ocean wrote, a reference to this year’s Grammys, when Breezy remained in his front row seat as Ocean received a standing ovation for his Best Urban Contemporary Album win.

Ocean posted the lyric sheet along with the caption “no audio,” so it’s unclear if this is a Beck Song Reader situation or if he’ll eventually record a version of the song. Either way, it appears the Odd Future crooner had second thoughts about forgiving Breezy after their physical altercation at an L.A. recording studio in January, allegedly over a parking spot.

Head below to see the full lyric sheet.

frank ocean versace remix lyrics