Whatcha Say: Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and Lana Del Rey Had Our Readers Talking

Adam Pyarali | July 26, 2013 7:30 pm

Following the release of the former Disney pop princess’ Stars Dance, we asked our readers which Selena Gomez album they most preferred. Check back on Monday to see which album reigned supreme — those who leave a comment are entered to win a signed copy of Stars Dance.

While we’re still waiting to hear music from the ARTPOP era, news about Lady Gaga was all over Idolator this week. From her VMA performance announcement, to writing a track for the new TLC album (!!), Mother Monster is preparing for her grand return. Most interestingly, an old Lana Del Rey demo hit the web, in which the “Summertime Sadness” singer disses Gaga.

Ariana Grande followed up her summer hit “The Way,” with the throwback “Baby I,” produced by Babyface, while Icona Pop released another new track, titled “All Night,” from their upcoming debut album. Plus, we brought you exclusive Idolator premieres from Hockey, Cash Cash, and Royal Teeth. Check out some of the week’s best comments below!

:: When we asked what Usher was thinking while getting wrapped up for a boxing match in this week’s Caption This, tunechi42 hopped into the ring on Instagram with her cleverest quip: “Once we’re in the ring, we’re not ‘lovers and friends.'”

:: Rumors about the delay of Beyonce‘s album had her rep denying all news “because an official release date was never set.” Drew could see right through the publicist’s words on Beyonce’s Album Is Not Delayed: An Official Representative Finally Speaks Out: “Good try… Just because they didn’t set an official release date doesn’t mean that things are delayed behind-the-scenes. My money is that she came up with a bunch of “meh” material (read: “Run the World”) and her label stepped in.”

:: A storm rose amongst fans of Lana Del Rey  and Lady Gaga when Lana’s old demo “So Legit” hit the web with some not-so-nice words towards Mother Monster. Lana del queen expressed their thoughts onLana Del Rey Takes A Stab At Lady Gaga On Acerbic Diss Track “So Legit”: Listen: “lmao people need to get over this tho? lana was bitter and angry back then, obviously her feelings for gaga have changed. there’s a reason this was unreleased. and obviously this track would sound bad???? it’s a demo, a very rough draft of the final song.”

:: Fans of AlunaGeorge were happy this week when their album went live for streaming. But Alfredo Sauce was a little confused at the lack of “George” on the band’s upcoming tour on Stream AlunaGeorge’s ‘Body Music,’ Including The Bonus “This Is How We Do It” Cover: “My body is SO ready for ‘Body Music.’ I don’t think they will latch onto the US audience like they did in the UK, but they will definitely get a lot of indie/underground attention. The only thing I find weird is that Aluna will be doing promo and touring without George. Why be AlunaGeorge then?”

:: Busta Rhymes released his rump-shaking video with Nicki Minaj for “#TwerkIt” this week to much fanfare. Lil Papi was not a fan of the rauchy video or its trendy title on Nicki Minaj Twerks It Out In Busta Rhymes’ “#TwerkIt” Music Video: “Wait but lyk can dey stop usin # in front of names lyk dat aint cute? n lyk no 2 dis song. is busta even relevent? bye”

:: That Ariana reign just won’t let up! We got a clip of the latest Ariana Grande song this week–a duet with The Wanted‘s Nathan Sykes from the upcoming soundtrack to The Mortal Instruments. Holly was especially excited about the singer’s upcoming collaboration on Ariana Grande Duets With The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes: Hear A Snippet Of “Almost Is Never Enough”: “Ariana Grande is my favourite female singer and Nathan Sykes is my favourite male singer so for them to sing this amazing song together is crazy. There voices go so well together and I knew they would because I knew they could both have similar styles. I can’t even listen to this song it is so perfect it makes me cry.”

:: A leaked picture from Lady Gaga‘s upcoming V Magazine photo shoot caused quite a stir on the site, dividing fans on the singer’s natural look. Sbutler323 left nothing but love for the pop diva on Lady Gaga Appears Nude In New Shoot By Inez & Vinoodh For ‘V Magazine’: See A Photo: “I have to say…this picture completely changes my perspective of LG. This is pure, natural beauty guys…I’m glad that she’s not perfect because that individuality makes a person beautiful. If this pic is not touched up too much then I’m going gaga for Gaga…lol.”