R. Kelly Tells “My Story” With Help From 2 Chainz: Listen

Carl Williott | July 29, 2013 9:26 am

R. Kelly sings about his rise in the introspective “My Story,” calling on 2 Chainz to help round out the Chicago tale. Though it’s a reflective affair, both dudes toss out the requisite number of filthy one-liners (“She make a pole disappear like hocus pocus”). Kelly’s voice is slathered in Auto-Tune for most of the song, and 2 Chainz dials down the energy a tad on the syrupy Paul Jefferies production. (Is it me or does this sound like a Mike WiLL Made It joint?)

The song is off Kells’ forthcoming album, the amazingly/horrifically named Black Panties. Hear it below.

R. Kelly feat. 2 Chainz — “My Story”