Oh Land’s “Renaissance Girls”: Hear The ‘Wish Bone’ Lead Single

Carl Williott | July 31, 2013 1:57 pm

Lovely Danish songbird Oh Land has officially released “Renaissance Girls” as the lead single to her forthcoming sophomore album Wish Bone (out September 24). And that’s great news for those of you who may have missed it when we featured the song in Pop Goes The World way back in May! No hard feelings, though; we’re giving you another chance to check it out right now.

It’s a buzzing track featuring kinetic percussion and a touch of that trademark Scandinavian pop drama thanks to some hollow piano chords. The singer (who’s called Nanna Øland Fabricius according to her legal documents) breezes along as she subtly sings about female empowerment, balancing out the rah-rah girl power of fellow Nords Icona Pop. Hear it (again) below.

Oh Land — “Renaissance Girls”