Ariana Grande Unveils New, Less Creepy ‘Yours Truly’ Album Artwork

Sam Lansky | August 2, 2013 5:48 am

Prodigious vocal superstar Ariana Grande raised more than a few eyebrows when she showed off the cover art for her upcoming debut LP Yours Truly — the sexy-baby precocity, the lingerie, the flowers were all just a little much, right? She’s pretty, but for some reason I felt sort of weird looking at it.

Big ups to Grande, though, for handling the critical response to her aesthetic hiccup with aplomb: The chanteuse took to Instagram last night to unveil some new artwork for the forthcoming disc, writing simply “Official album artwork :)” and the new one is much subtler. Much sleeker. Still sexy and a little bit provocative, but much less… Well, y’know.

Featuring Grande silhouetted in black and white making a pose that’s vaguely erotic but not as doggedly come-hither, the new artwork is unlikely to turn heads, and still feels true to her vision. Well played, all around.

I can live with this.

[via Instagram]