Katy Perry Unveils New Photo For ‘Prism’ Album Campaign

Christina Lee | August 3, 2013 8:06 am

Katy Perry has revealed a new promotional photo for her upcoming LP Prism, a minimal but bold statement for the pop star who once called herself One of the Boys. While it’s easy to read too much into teasers like these, her outfit does recalls what she’s shown so far of her new album.

Think about it: Her gold sweater recalls the truck-turned-news marquee that first announced Prism, while its eyelash fur brings the nature of debut single “Roar” to mind, at least in terms of its intent to show her growth from kitten to ferocious cat. Plus, it’s also draped just loosely enough for a red bra strap to peek out — a subtle reminder of how she’s veered away from the Lisa Frank-inspired aesthetic of Teenage Dream.

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