Britney Spears Breaks Down Her “Album 8 Recipe”

Christina Lee | August 4, 2013 10:22 am

Britney Spears has revealed that her eighth album revolves around a winning formula. After months of hints involving an A-list roster of producers (, Hit Boy, Naughty Boy, William Orbit) and songwriters (Sia), Spears reassures that the follow-up to Femme Fatale borrows from a far more important source of inspiration: her greatest hits.

In her “Album 8 Recipe,” as posted on Spears’ Facebook page, ingredients range from “not that innocent ‘Oops!'” to “self-confident ‘Britney'” and “personal ‘Circus.'” The setting: “a vanilla-smelling studio” with some “B-love” and a “producer’s spoon.” An important note: “Wait about a year.” Creating a new album can be a painstaking process, but Spears shows that she has it down pat.

Check out the full “Album 8 Recipe” graphic after the jump.

[via Arjan Writes]