Tegan & Sara Join Macklemore & Ryan Lewis For “Same Love” At Osheaga Festival: Watch

Christina Lee | August 4, 2013 11:30 am

Before Macklemore introduced guest performers Tegan & Sara at Montreal’s Osheaga Festival in August 3, he explained the significance of their on-stage collaboration. “I commend you and your country for evolving faster than most of us,” he said, “but I am under the belief that until we evolve — all of us, as a world — we are still enslaved by our prejudices and fears.”

The sister duo had joined Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for “Same Love,” the Marriage Equality Act anthem that earned them their television debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. While their interactions on stage were minimal, the pairing felt significant considering Tegan & Sara’s own past: When the duo first gained mainstream attention with 2004’s So Jealous, the media tended to focus on the fact that both sisters were gay, as if their sexuality was more of an anomaly than it actually is.

To an extent, that piece of trivia feels crucial to understanding their political views. By 2009’s Sainthood though, and certainly by this year’s Oshega Festival appearance, Tegan & Sara have shown through their music (including one of 2013’s best albums so far) that being gay is still just one aspect of who they are — the sort of reality that “Same Love” champions. Watch the clip up top.