Katy Perry Teases “Roar” With Hilariously Morbid New Video: Watch

Sam Lansky | August 5, 2013 9:29 am

Love her or hate her, it’s becoming difficult to argue with the objective greatness of Katy Perry‘s visual campaign for her new single, “Roar,” and upcoming LP Prism. First up was the ingeniously dark first teaser, which saw the chanteuse setting fire to her Teenage Dream era neon wig, and now she’s dropped another little clip, titled “The Third Coming.” (Dark.)

Set at a funeral, two girls in lilac wigs cry as a casket covered in candy-pink flowers and spinning popsicles is lowered into the ground — but there’s Katy at the front of the crowd, wearing dark sunglasses and a choker. She lowers her sunglasses and shoots the camera a smug look.

The idea of physically destroying, by setting fire to or burying, all the relics of her last album era is absurdly great, and it’s been beautifully executed thus far. If the song in question is even half as good as these teasers have been, it’ll be an absolute smash.

“Roar” is out August 12. Watch up top.