The Official Studio Version Of Beyonce’s “Grown Woman” Leaks: Listen To The Unreleased Gem

Mike Wass | August 5, 2013 12:08 pm

Since debuting in a Pepsi commercial way back in April, Beyonce‘s “Grown Woman” has taken on almost mythical status among fans. Is it THE single? Will it be on the album? And when will the damn thing leak in HQ? Well, I still can’t answer the first two questions but it appears the last one has been solved.

Over the weekend, the official studio version surfaced online — at least that’s the general consensus. But remember this is Queen B and she won’t say a peep until she’s good and ready. #BeyPatient. Listen to the diva’s unreleased gem after the jump. Just make sure you have some privacy for the involuntary booty-poppin’ that comes with listening to this song.

So how is the finished version of Timbaland‘s afrobeat-inspired club-banger different from the leak, which has been playing in clubs, stores and even on the radio in some countries (hello, Australia!) for months?

For starters, the canned applause has been removed. It has also been cleaned up and a couple of seconds have been trimmed. Apart from that it’s pretty much the same glorious, twerk-inducing anthem.

Is it too late to release this as a single or does radio still need “Grown Woman”? Your thoughts in the comments below.