BANKS’ “Waiting Game”: Hear Why She’s Opening For The Weeknd

Carl Williott | August 5, 2013 1:31 pm

The first thing that came to mind while hearing BANKS‘ “Waiting Game” was “Ellie Goulding covering The Weeknd.” Then I remembered that that actually happened, and it wasn’t nearly this haunting. The L.A. singer starts off sounding defeated and weary over some spectral echoes and a piano chord, but soon a throbbing bass line kicks in and droning organs build up. The track was produced by SOHN, who built some beautifully undulating layers of murk, all of which drop out for BANKS’ falsetto during the refrain.

We’ve been waiting for more female singers to embrace the darker R&B vibes, and this is a fine entry into that category. So it’s easy to see why The Weeknd plucked her for his North American tour this fall. Head below to hear the track.

BANKS — “Waiting Game”