Drake Gets Sensitive On “Hold On We’re Going Home”: Hear The Hip-Hop Departure

Carl Williott | August 6, 2013 6:38 am

Well, the title Nothing Was The Same represents truth in advertising. Drake has premiered new cut “Hold On We’re Going Home,” and it’s a blissful pop ballad that in no way could be considered hip-hop or rap. We all know Drizzy can bust out a few bars of straight-up singing, but here he’s in sensitive crooner mode the whole time, the Michael McDonald vibes a stark departure from the celebratory boasting of “Started From The Bottom” or “All Me.”

The track completely channels ’80s adult-contempo, all crisp drum machines and wobbly keys (and I’m pretty sure I heard a woodwind in there somewhere). And somehow, it avoids sounding cheesy. Hear the compelling new track below.

Drake — “Hold On We’re Going Home”

By the way, that’s Majid on the backing vocals, according to Hip Hop N More.