Hilary Duff Talks Returning To Music: “I’m Finally Buckling Down”

Sam Lansky | August 6, 2013 2:57 pm

And yea, the skies open up and the pop gods smiled down upon us and said, “My children, it is time,” and it was good. In a new interview, Hilary Duff has revealed that she’s actually, seriously planning to make some new music.

The details: There aren’t any! Here’s all she said, when quizzed about her plans at a FIJI Water event in the Hamptons, because that’s Hilary Duff’s life and everyone else is jealous: “I’m going to focus on my music. It’s been a long time coming. I’m finally buckling down and getting in the studio.”

All together now: !!!!!

As for why? It’s not just for her love of the song — it’s all about the live performance. “I really miss touring,” she said. “I really miss connecting with my fans in that way.”

Watch the painfully brief but ultimately hope-inspiring interview below.

Then take a minute to recall why Dignity was one of the best pop records of the decade.