Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Co-Star Ola Ray Releases Terrible Tribute Single: Watch

Mike Wass | July 13, 2013 7:59 pm

Remember Michael Jackson‘s cute date in 1983’s iconic “Thriller” video? That was Playboy playmate-turned-actress Ola Ray. Three decades later, the 52-year-old stunner is releasing a single of her own. Words can’t adequately describe the life-changing (for the worse) experience that is “Remember”.

The MJ tribute means well but boggles the mind with its sheer awfulness. I wasn’t ready to hear the budding diva croak lyrics like “you were the king of pop, you know you are and I was your queen on the movie screen” against a generic beat that sounds like it was created on a malfunctioning iPhone app.

And her vocal? Let’s just say that she is still an incredibly beautiful woman. The video, mercifully, manages to be something of a treat — if you like staring at your computer screen in disbelief.

There’s a bizarre intro that finds our heroine sprawled on a bed looking at pictures of Michael Jackson, some highly dubious green screen action and a pitiful recreation of the “Thriller” dance. This has no redeeming quality whatsoever apart from being absolutely hilarious. As such, I highly recommend you watching it up top.

Is this tribute well-intentioned and sweet or just plain awful? I honestly can’t decide, so help me out in the comments below.