Soulja Boy Is Back With A Highly Dubious New Song Called “She Twerkin’ Like Miley”: Listen

Mike Wass | August 9, 2013 1:02 pm

What happened to Soulja Boy? His music was never particularly high brow but “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” was an absolute jam and has the receipts to prove it. (Billboard ranked it as the 23rd most successful song of the 2000s). Unfortunately, I doubt this latest effort will meet with as much success. A new track called “She Twerkin’ Like Miley” has surfaced online and it’s… and acquired taste.

The 23-year-old raps about Miley Cyrus‘ infamous booty-clapping ability — like Jay Z did before him — but this not as polished as Hov’s effort. The MC drops clangers like “she’s twerkin’ like she Miley Cyrus, I’m like baby I need to try this” and “she twerkin’ like her name is Miley, I’m lovin’ the way that she wind it” before descending into bizarre brags about living in a condo and being really high.

The highlight is when the MC tries to rhyme “Cyrus” with “stylist”. Listen if you dare after the jump.

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