Selena Gomez Talks Life After ‘Stars Dance,’ Recording New Music: Watch

Christina Lee | August 11, 2013 8:13 am

Selena Gomez stopped by Saturday Night Online to talk about her world tour and life after Stars Dance. Ideally, she would like to take a break from music and focus instead on acting. Instead, less than two weeks prior to her tour, she found herself inside a recording studio.

“I was just telling everyone that I’m probably going to release another record next year,” Gomez said. “I’m just so pumped and definitely, the older I get, the more I get inspired and the bigger I want to make my music.” She said this, though, while also knowing that her postStars Dance life involves a few promising films, including Behaving Badly with Mary-Louise Parker and the William H. Macy-directed Rudderless.

“I find that it’s just exhausting to do both,” she said of juggling acting and singing, adding, “I just really found myself not having a life. I felt like I wanted to separate it a little more once Wizards [Of Waverly Palace] was over, and I just kind of separated them as best as I could. It is hard, because I take such a long break without one or the other and I end up missing it a lot.”

What does seems like a sure thing, given the Stars Dance jaunt (it’s her first arena tour, at that) and her IMDB page, is that Gomez isn’t likely to give up either singing or acting anytime soon. Check out her Saturday Night Online chat up top, and MTV’s behind-the-scenes peek of her tour below.