Foxes Revamps “Youth” With A New Video, Song Remains Brilliant

Mike Wass | August 12, 2013 11:40 am

Foxes is officially following up top 20, Zedd-assisted hit “Clarity” with an old favorite. “Youth” was the British diva’s calling card way back in 2012 but new label RCA has decided to re-release it as her debut US (solo) single and it’s hard to fault their reasoning. The, at times, uplifting and mournful electro-anthem is positively grandiose. Throbbing synths sting your ears while Louisa (her real name) summons your absolute attention with her soaring vocal.

“Youth” deserves to find a wider audience and the suitably hip clip should help. Foxes channels Lana Del Rey in the black-and-white intro before giving away to a montage of rebellious activities like bathing in public and wearing Mickey Mouse ears. It’s a simple concept but well executed and on point. Watch up top.

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