Rock Mafia’s “Fly Or Die” Video: Idolator Premiere

Robbie Daw | August 13, 2013 7:01 am

Miley Cyrus‘ “See You Again.” Selena Gomez‘s “Naturally” and “Love You Like A Love Song.” Aly and AJ‘s “Potential Breakup Song” and Hoku‘s Another Dumb Blonde.” These are just a handful of the hits Rock Mafia have had a hand in since the turn of the millennium. With that kind of track record — artists they’ve worked with have sold over 50 million albums worldwide — the songwriting/production crew could easily find comfort behind the scenes.

Still, Rock Mafia released their own track, “The Big Bang,” in 2010, and today comes the video for “Fly Or Die,” their latest outing under their own name. The eye-popping animated clip was directed by Micah Chambers Goldberg, and depicts a young girl discovering her inner strength just in time to save the world from destruction at the hands of a giant, menacing robot. It’s all part of Rock Mafia’s concept of pop activism.

“The idea behind ‘Fly Or Die’ is to inspire and empower anyone who watches it,” says Rock Mafia co-founder Tim James. “Imagine what would happen if our current obsession with pop culture transformed into an obsession with pop activism. This video is a little piece of our imagination, set to spark the world’s.”

Rock Mafia aim to give something back through the song, too, as a portion of the proceeds from “Fly Or Die” will benefit and raise awareness for Coke’s 5 by 20 initiative that was created to encourage female empowerment around the world, as well as other philanthropic efforts captured through their Cause Wall. (Share your own cause here.)

Watch the inspirational, action-packed “Fly Or Die” clip above, then let us know your thoughts on the video below, or by hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter.