Kelly Clarkson Performs “Tie It Up” At CMA Festival: Watch

Sam Lansky | August 13, 2013 11:10 am

Kelly Clarkson is giving country the ol’ college try (even though virtually every song on Stronger could have been a single, but hey! Country Kelly is better than no Kelly at all), and her new single “Tie It Up” has done, well, okay! It’s done okay. #33 on the country charts-okay. But Kelly Clarkson is getting married, so my guess is that it doesn’t really matter very much to her.

At any rate, Clarkson performed the song at CMA Festival way back in June but the video is finally being broadcast tonight on ABC, and now there’s proper high-quality footage of the great Kellegend performing the marriage-centric tune live in concert, and it’s just as lively and spunky as you’d expect. 

Watch the video up top.