Lorde Gives A Positively Regal Live Rendition Of “Royals” At KCRW: Watch

Mike Wass | August 13, 2013 2:32 pm

Lorde‘s status as The Next Big Thing is pretty much undisputed right now. The Kiwi wunderkind has a Selena Gomezapproved song burning up the airwaves and got away with calling her debut LP Pure Heroine without sparking a furore. She now drives her superiority home with a near perfect live rendition of breakthrough hit “Royals” at KCRW.

While Lorde’s vocal is absolutely beyond reproach, the teenager looks like she’s being tortured by a sharp instrument when she hits the high notes. I haven’t seen facial expressions like this since watching The Conjuring. So maybe listen to her stellar performance with your eyes closed. If this is what Ella (her real name) sounds like at 16, the future is pretty much terrifying — for every other female in the game.

If you enjoyed “Royals” make sure you check out “Love Club” below:

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