Madonna And Lady Gaga Mashed: Conspiracy Theorists Compare “Applause” To “Girl Gone Wild”

Mike Wass | August 13, 2013 4:32 pm

Within seconds of “Applause” hitting iTunes, outraged Madonna fans were wagging their collective finger at Lady Gaga (again) — this time for allegedly ripping off 2012 single “Girl Gone Wild”. This kind of thing has to be taken with a grain of salt. Mostly it’s just sour grapes or semi-effective trolling. (Amusingly enough, Little Monsters pulled a similar stunt a couple days earlier when they accused Katy Perry of plagiarizing Sara Bareilles“Brave” on her new single).

Unlike the obvious similarities between “Express Yourself” and “Born This Way”, this case of thievery draws a fairly long bow. “Applause” and “Girl Gone Wild” do sound similar but that’s not surprising considering they belong to the same Euro-house genre. However, it’s still worth checking out the mash-up being passed around by conspiracy theorists — not because it’s particularly damning, rather because it’s actually quite catchy. Judge for yourself after the jump.

Is this a knock off or does Team Madonna have too much time on its hands? Voice your opinion in the comments below.