Lady Gaga’s “Applause” Lyric Video: Drag, Dancing & Sloppy Clown Makeup

Sam Lansky | August 14, 2013 3:17 pm

Lady Gaga has up and unveiled the lyric video for her new single “Applause,” and it’s not your everyday lyric video. No, no, it sure isn’t. Gaga’s clip was shot at Micky’s in West Hollywood and helmed by Haus of Gaga, and — well, it doesn’t have the high-powered aesthetic of her other releases (nor the stunning covers she just unveiled), so let’s just assume this was the whimsical part of the ARTPOP chapter and the high-concept, visually arresting stuff is coming in the music video proper.

Here’s what you do get: Gaga having a good old romp with some drag queens and taking selfies with fans, and that makeup of which she’s grown so fond. The greatest inexplicability? The lyrics are written out in cursive, so they’re hard to read. Oh well — that’s beside the point.

Watch it up top.