Ellie Goulding Records A Heartbreaking Cover Of “How Long Will I Love You”: Listen

Mike Wass | August 15, 2013 6:23 pm

Ellie Goulding has recorded a sparse, heartfelt cover of The Waterboys‘ 1990 gem “How Long Will I Love You” for a new film called About Time. It’s the latest romantic comedy from Richard Curtis of Love Actually and Notting Hill fame, so expect to hear the “Burn” diva’s ballad blaring out of your local cinema in the not too distant future.

Ellie’s version strips the song back to basics, showcasing the fragility of her voice perfectly. After upping the tempo on her new Halcyon tracks, it’s nice to hear the Brit in a lo-fi mood again. Listen to the future hit in a montage of clips from Richard Curtis movies after the jump.

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