The Many Bras Of “Applause”: Analyzing Lady Gaga’s Supporting Looks

Carl Williott | August 19, 2013 9:55 am

Lady Gaga‘s “Applause” video threw a lot of images at us and, as expected, we’re not entirely sure what they all mean (the hell was that giant leg-trophy thing she was dragging on the space runway?). It was a visual assault, and we were captivated by the array of outfits Gaga flaunted. This time around, most of her looks seemed to be focused on her makeup (clown-style one moment, a kinda-Hitler mustache on her swan head the next) and her brassieres. And, seeing as how we operate in a Web world where clicks are king, we’ve decided to keep the focus on the bras. Because boobs = clicks, people, and we’re nothing if not honest around these parts.

But really, bras are a big factor in pop music fashion statements (see: Madonna‘s cones, Charli XCX‘s sports bra) and can be used to make a deeper point, like flipping the script on the male gaze. Or, ya know, they can just be used as a summery way to make a Botticelli allusion. Either way, Gaga knows how to wield the power of the bra. So head through our gallery to see all of the supporting looks from her “Applause” video.