Avril Lavigne Gets Rough & Tumble In Rowdy “Rock N Roll” Video: Watch

Sam Lansky | August 20, 2013 8:46 am

The best (damn) thing about Avril Lavigne‘s latest album era is that she knows exactly what she’s doing, what with the hyperbolic arrested development and unwillingness to behave with a modicum of maturity. The latest thing that sees her giving a finger to the sky (and the critics) is the video for “Rock N Roll,” her ballsy new single, which is executed with a lot of slick comedy and high-concept, comic book styling.

Aside from the self-conscious, parodic Sony product placement at the beginning, there’s Sin City-style title cards and Avril in a camouflage sexy-soldier outfit, getting into trouble and fighting evil. (I hope she is, at least.) Also please find a pair of insane guest spots from Danica McKellar and Billy Zane (women and children first!), which complement the madcap spirit of the clip. It’s colorful, flashy and surprisingly funny, and it shows why Avril’s self-aware teenage brat routine is so irresistible. 

Oh, and there’s a bearshark. So.

Watch up top.

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