Lady Gaga Talks iTunes Festival Performance And ‘ARTPOP’ Details During Elvis Duran Interview

Adam Pyarali | August 20, 2013 10:25 am

After unveiling the deliciously strange music video for “Applause” yesterday morning in Times Square, Lady Gaga visited Z100 New York this morning for an interview on Elvis Duran’s morning show. The pop diva dished new details about the upcoming ARTPOP era and her unfortunate cancellation of the Born This Way Ball.

Gaga also announced that she’ll be performing a few new songs from the upcoming album at the iTunes Festival on September 1, although she was clear to specify they are  “not the exact studio versions.” While collaborations with ZeddDJ White Shadow, and Madeon have been known for quite some time now, Gaga says at least one unknown collaboration will be revealed at the iTunes Festival.

On the ARTPOP app: “It’s a multimedia engineering experience where you can create art, as well as creating music, and you can share it with people all over the world and communicate with them in real-time when you listen to ARTPOP

On Gaga’s artRAVE planned in New York on the day of the album’s release: “When you arrive at the artRAVE there will be a huge warehouse filled with rooms where you can view all this artwork that we’ve created together and then you can watch me live and have drinks and dance. It’ll be a rave while you look at art.”

On the VMA performance this Sunday: “I’m dancing till my feet bleed every day to get sure I’ll give the fans a performance they won’t forget.”

Listen to the full interview below.