Vanessa Hudgens’ Underrated Electro Jam “$$$ex” Gets A Dave Aude Remix: Listen

Mike Wass | August 21, 2013 12:57 pm

Slept on Vanessa Hudgens‘ underrated electro-masterpiece “$$$ex”? Well, now’s your chance to get correct! The YLA-assisted bad girl anthem has been freshly remixed by high-profile DJs Gregor Salto, Nacho Chapado and omnipresent club king Dave Aude.

He gives the 24-year-old’s raunchy (“fifty in his pocket, condom in his wallet”) party jam a main-room house makeover while staying true to the track’s ’90s rave leanings. The new mixes hit at a healthy club campaign, so hopefully we’ll be hearing Vanessa’s exquisite vocals on a dancefloor in the not-too-distant future. Listen to “$$$ex” remixed after the jump.

It’s time for a full-blown pop comeback from Vanessa. If you agree let us know in the comments below.