Whinnie Williams’ “Break Hearts In Your Sleep”: Watch The 1960s-Inspired Video

Bianca Gracie | August 23, 2013 7:41 am

Whinnie Williams searches for love in her new video for “Break Hearts In Your Sleep.” The sparkling tune from the British singer-songwriter is super-charming, and the 1960’s-inspired video reflects that, thanks to her perfectly coifed blonde ‘do and the throwback Mod-style fashion. The visual, which serves as part two of the “Whinnie Williams Adventure” (the first being the video for “You Don’t Love Me”), embodies Parisian chic in an off-kilter, The Royal Tenenbaums type of way.

Williams may serve up glamorous fashion, but let’s face it — her adorable poodle, Brian, is the breakout star in this video! As promotion for the mini-film, Williams asks, “Will they ever get to Paris? How will she raise enough money?” Let’s hope these pertinent questions will be answered as the fun adventure continues!

Watch up top, and let us know your thoughts on the “Break Hearts In Your Sleep” video below!