Medina Returns With A Typically Gloomy Dance Anthem: Watch “Junkie”

Mike Wass | August 23, 2013 4:15 pm

Medina is to Denmark what Robyn is to Sweden — an electronic pop pioneer with a quirky sense of style and a bag full of killer dance tunes. “Junkie” is actually the fifth single from the Danish diva’s Forever LP internationally but was recently singled out for release in the US by Ultra Records. And it’s a good choice.

The slick electro-anthem is typically bleak and minimal. After all, this is the woman behind such uplifting pop tracks as “Addiction”, “Overdose” and — no joke — “Execute Me”. Like most of Medina’s gloomy songs, “Junkie” is a grower. The chorus is subtle but effective and the production (courtesy of Svenstrup & Vendelboe) is pristine in a way that only Scandinavians are capable.

The video? Well, it’s actually kind of scary. There are weird angels/demons and the striking songbird wears freaky eyes that will haunt you in your dreams. If you dare, watch up top!

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